Friday, July 1, 2011

Newton Hawker Fare

Since pregnancy kicked in, The Husband has doubled up as a fairy godmother, ferrying this big-bellied wifey to places to satisfy my cravings. Unlike the last pregnancy where I had specific repeated preferences for bee hoon, bee hoon and more bee hoon, this time round, a particular dish / cuisine will keep coming to mind. After that one dish is satisfied, another random dish will then pop out from nowhere a few days later.

For a couple of weeks now, I was craving for "Or luak" (oyster omelette). However, as I was nursing a sore throat after Bangkok trip, I did not raise it until earlier this week. So, a couple of days ago, my fairy godmother brought me to Newton Food Centre to satisfy my craving.

In the past, eating at Newton had always been a "tikam tikam" experience. Given that most of the stalls serve up similar local dishes, we were always confused over which stall to order. So we'll end up choosing random stalls and keep our fingers crossed that their food will turn out good. The last couple of times, I decided to make it a point to remember the stall number when the food turns out good. So here is it:

Hup Kee Or Luak
Everything about this stall's or luak is just the way I like it. Right amount of bite and crispiness, right proportion of egg and flour mixture, freshness and sweetness of the oysters (I was careful to avoid those that appeared raw), and also importantly, the amount of vinegar added to the chilli sauce that comes with it. Yummys!

Order from the stall on the right of Hup Kee Or Luak. The meat of the satay were well-marinated and juicy and the peanut sauce was well-prepared too. Not the best, but definitely above average. One point to look out for though: beware of the Chinese lady stall helper who tried to shortchange us when we paid for our food but was pointed out by The Husband.

Stall no. 66 (Sin sin something something). Their blend of spicy-ness and sweetness of their sambal sauce is just nice for us. We always ask for more sambal sauce from them which they gladly put in. A little downside this time was that they have raised the minimum price from $10 to $12, yet the serving seems to have shrunk. Hopefully, it was a one-time off. 

His boring usual choice of Hokkien Mee :P
Well, I shall not mention the stall here since The Husband The Fairy Godmother said it is no longer nice. 

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