Friday, July 22, 2011

Walking her 'pet'

Anya has a 'pet caterpillar'. It was the last of her birthday presents stash, lovingly gifted by Aunt & Uncle G. This couple has taken great pains in selecting gifts for her each and every time. On Anya's 1st birthday, the gifts from them were all caterpillar-themed in accordance to Anya's pet name.

So, a few days ago, Anya lay hands on Caterpillar for the first time. She was intrigued by how she can walk it like Daddy and Mommy walk Muffin occasionally. Within 5 minutes upon their introduction, she has gone around the whole flat with Caterpillar trailing behind her twice!

Yesterday, we brought the new 'pet' down for a walk around the neighbourhood. It was really because The Helper was vacuuming the flat, and I wanted to get Anya out of the way. However, given my big belly, I know I will not be able to carry Anya much should she refuse to walk. Thus, Caterpillar came in really handy! The Tod willingly walk on her own with Caterpillar in tow throughout most of the walk. It was only when we neared our lobby at the end of the walk that she was drenched in perspiration and asked me to carry her and her wooden toy. Here's snippets of her walking her pet (pardon the poor quality of my iPhone camera):

In the lift
Here, I asked her: "Anya, can you let Mommy take a nice picture of you and Caterpillar?"
In response, this was what she did:
Is she trying to mirror Catty by showing me both of their hineys?

Mommy hold you; you hold Catty
Going up-slope
Trudge, trudge, trudge.
"Ball!", she says, seeing two children kicking a ball.
An overturned Catty, visibly exhausted.
Unfortunately, I could not bring The Furkid along (just in case I cannot handle both of them alone). Wouldn't it be neat to have both Mommy and Baby together walking their respective pets? :)

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