Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A night of a hundred booboos and then some kicks

Alright, I exaggerated. Maybe not a hundred. But then, we lost count after two since once Anya has more than two consecutive boo-boos, it is like reaching a point of no return where even the tiniest flicking of her hair will trigger her off.

It was a birthday dinner for a dear friend.It started off just fine, with Anya settling down happily with another two older kiddos. Then, at her highchair eating her pasta, she was somewhat distracted by something behind her in the restaurant, causing her to whine. Very quickly, the whining turned to crying and we had to pick her up to soothe her. Then came the boo-boos which involved her falling face down, bumping into things and what-nots. It was somewhat peculiar as to what exactly set her off in the first place. To add on to the peculiarity of the evening, there was the diaper leakage when I had changed her ten minutes earlier.

The last straw came when The Husband was walking with her outside the restaurant when she suddenly turned to her side and walked off in that direction. Before The Husband could reach out for her, she knocked her head onto an escalator railing. That set off another bout of pathetic howling and a visible bump. Both The Husband and I were rattled and decided to call it a night. Just about time too. The gang were finishing up with desserts and we all decided to leave together.

We all could not help but think that place was perhaps jinxed for toddlers that night (though other than that, I really enjoyed the food and company!), and I was sighing in relief that all should be good hereon as we made our way to the basement car park with Anya in my arms.

Well, I was wrong. The Husband was opening the car door to Anya's carseat while I was standing right behind him (next to the side of the car boot). Remember, at this point, Anya was still in my arms.

A big fat lizard suddenly shoot out from the opened car door towards me. Now, for those who do not know me, one of my greatest fear in life are lizards. In fact, that was one of the reason why I married The Husband. He is my lizard-captor hero in shining armour. Instinctively, I yelped and leaped away from the car. The impact resulted Anya and my head to bump into each other. Inevitably, that set off another round of crying which I am glad to say was the last for the night. For as it is, my baby has was already emo-wrecked and has turned into an accident-prone humpty-dumpty.

For the rest of the night, The Husband and I were careful hold her as she toddled around the house while getting ready for bedtime. Still, we were not surprise that she woke up crying in the middle of the night a couple of times last night - some thing that we observed whenever she had a bad day. So at 3am, The Husband carried her into our bed so we can soothe her and hold her.

The bruise visible on her forehead this morning.

Now, so what about 'some kicks'? That takes on a much happier note. Last night, as I lay down in bed, I felt Mini Bun kicking away! Now, I am not referring to those fluttering movements that makes you wonder whether you imagined it or whether it is the baby or the pizza you ate for dinner. Not those. I have been feeling those for one-two weeks now (I think). The movements I felt last night were those that I could feel around with when I put my palm on my belly. This is the one thing I miss the most about pregnancy. The intimate feeling of knowing that there is something alive and kicking inside you and it is beautiful.

This time round, it is especially beautiful, for at 3am in the morning, as I recall, I have one hand cupping my belly feeling the little one wriggling inside, while my other arm cuddled the bigger one as she snuggled close to me. This, is one of the many pictures of what love looks like to me.

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