Saturday, July 16, 2011

Furkid's dinner

The kitchen, which is also Muffin's official sleeping and eating quarters, is out of bounds for Anya. It is for safety reasons, and if she does enter the kitchen, she must be accompanied by adult. The only exception everyday is during Muffin's dinner time.

She (Anya, not Muff) has somewhat picked up the pattern that we will feed Muffin her dinner at 9-ish every night. One evening, the tod charged into the kitchen out of the blue when everyone else were in the living room. She was happily yelling "Ni-nerrr!" as she did so. Interestingly, The Furkid scurried behind her. Puzzled, The Husband and I followed them into the kitchen, trying to decipher the situation. It was only when both tod and dog huddled around the doggy bowl that it dawned on us. She was mimicking our usual announcement of dinner to The Furkid.

It amazes us, how she seems to have an internal clock, and the amount of things around her that she has observed. Oh, and after a couple of weeks of close observation at how Muff's dinner is prepare, she has become our little helper. In return, she gets a nice slobbery kiss from The Furkid after her meal as a show of gratitude every now and then.

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