Sunday, July 3, 2011

Her Vocabs

As I have mentioned before, I am terrible at figuring out what toddlers are saying. So not surprisingly, I only came to realize that Anya has a whole string of vocabs after only God knows how long it has been since she mastered them.

Well, at this point, she only knows to say a handful of words or maybe I have only figured out a handful of what she is trying to say. I even exchanged notes with The Husband and The In-laws for confirmation. So like a proud mother hen showing off her newly-hatched chicks, I shall hereby show off what she has learned to say.

What it is (how she says it):
Daddy (Daddy ./ dee dee / da da)
Mommy (Momma)
Ah ma (Ma)
No more (mo more)
Anya (eh-yah)
Muffin (arh-finn)
Go (goa)
There (dere)
Byebye (bye)
Bird (birr)

Honey, keep it going! Daddy & Mommy's so proud of you.

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