Friday, July 8, 2011

"Ii lwuff you"

The routine of tucking Anya in bed for her first nap-time of the day usually goes like this:
  1. After getting dressed from her shower, I carry her to her bedroom. 
  2. Give her a drink off her sippy cup. 
  3. Tell her that it is nap-time. Give her a hug and a kiss, asking her to hug & kiss me back.
  4. Put her down in her cot.
  5. Pass her Eeyore to cuddle in one arm. Sometimes, Rabbit in the other arm.
  6. Pass her her hankie.
  7. Pass her dummy.
  8. Pull her blanket over to cover her legs. 
  9. Send her flying kisses and waving goodbyes as I exit the room, closing the door behind me.
From Point 8 onwards, I will go on in a string of repetitive "Have a good nap, Anya.", "Sweet dreams", "I love you.", and "See you later.", while sending my flying kisses and goodbyes. Usually, it will elicit one or two waves of goodbyes  and smooching sounds in reciprocal from her. Recently, she said "Bye!" on a couple of occasions.

Just now, she did more.

There I was, at Point 9 sending my kisses and goodbyes saying, "Sweet dreams, Anya. Have a good nap. Mommy see you later. I love you. Sweet dreams!"

And then she piped back, "Ii lwuff you.."

My heart skipped a beat. Unsure if I heard it right, I asked, "Honey, what did you just say? Did you say 'I love you'?".

Upon which, she smiled through her dummy, signing "Please" (her way of saying "Yes".).

"Oh honey, thank you so much... Mommy loves you too. Sweet dreams." *Closes door*

I think I floated out of her room.

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