Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Highlight of a typical day

Anya is currently at the stage where I believe she is actively trying to comprehend what we tell her. Sometimes, I swear I can literally see her little head processing furiously what we are telling her whereby she is give a seemingly intellectual response thereafter though no one really knows what she is saying more than half the time. A lot of times, however, her follow-up actions tells me that she understands what we are telling her.

As she embarks on the journey of learning to communicate (actually this journey never ends, does it?), she is naturally interested in the tools of communication, particularly the phone. For months now, we often see her yakking away into her toy phone when she play in her play-yard. These days, one of the highlights of her day is to intercept a phone call between Daddy and Mommy.

 Typically, when The Husband is away at work, we will talk on the phone once or twice a day. Sometimes, we barely even said hellos before I feel a pair of tiny hands tugging at me, gesturing for the phone, calling out for "Deedee /Dadi" excitedly. The moment she takes over, she will lovingly cradle the phone as she calls out for her beloved Daddy. The Husband will ask her about her day, tells her to be good - all of which she will response with her baby talk. At an appropriate pause, I will prompt her to say her goodbyes and pass the phone back to me. Upon which she will wave goodbye and give an audible peck into the phone which always put a smile on both The Husband and my face.

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