Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bloodied booboo

Last night was a night of solo-parenting as The Husband ran out for a work appointment. Planning to have an easy and quiet evening, I had planted myself and Anya in front of the television.

Well, the first twenty minutes or so was indeed peacefully quiet with The Tot sitting on my lap, our eyes glued onto the set. Thereafter, she stood up and pranced around the TV area, her attention periodically goes back to the TV set when songs comes on. That was when the booboo happened.

She had lost her footing and toppled off sideways which happens now and then since she started walking and usually she would simply pick herself up and continue with whatever she is doing. The unfortunate difference this time round was she had a snack in her mouth. She must have been in the midst of chewing her kueh tutu while toppling off, resulting in a puncture right in the center of her upper lip.
Thankfully, it was a shallow puncture. Still, she howled and screamed for the next couple of minutes till she threw up all over me. Interestingly, she calmed down after that which was good since I needed to go clean up myself.

After getting her permission for me to go away to take a quick shower, I went into the bathroom leaving the door opened so I could see her. To my amusement, The Tot came up to the bathroom and tried to close the door for me (because The Husband and I have been explaining to her that Daddy or Mommy is bathing whenever one of us closes the door after entering the bathroom). When I came out of the bathroom, she has happily settled herself back in front of the TV set, helping herself to The Husband's share of kueh tutu. Hmm.. Isn't it a blessing how quickly children get over things?

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