Friday, July 8, 2011

How kiddos get into trouble and yet get away with it.

Here is an example of how little ones get away with mischief as executed by my tod:

On that fateful Saturday that I was made to reorganise our walk-in wardrobe. The Husband went out for twenty minutes  to pick up something from The In-laws. I was assigned to sort out my cosmetics drawer while keeping an eye on Anya.

To keep her occupied and close to me, I gave her a couple of my bracelets to play with. She willingly stayed under my nose in the wardrobe, looping the bracelets in and out of her wrists, studying herself in front of the mirror while I set to work on throwing out some dubious-looking long expired cosmetics. I must have been concentrating hard at those darn cosmetics that I did not even realize that Anya had wandered off to other parts of the house.

I was roused to check on her by the rustling sound of plastic bag. I walked out of the wardrobe, back into master bedroom and was greeted by this sight.. ...

Yes, my innocent-looking tod sitting on the platform with two conjoined buns in her hand, with her widen eyes staring with sheer bliss at her newfound treasure.

She must have saw the leftover buns from breakfast on the dining table and reached for them. As you can see, when I saw her, the buns were already out its plastic bag and firmly in her hands. When I asked for the buns back from her, she shook her head vehemently, screeching in protest. I was debating whether or not to try on a sterner voice but decided to give in, for she looked so adorable with those ridiculously big buns in her little hands, joy apparent on her face.

Pleased with her find
Laughing with us when I narrated what happened to The Husband who came back

I used to read / hear anecdotes on how children get away with mischief by looking oh-so melt-your-hearts cute/silly/innocent and now here I am, getting first hand experience. Not that I am complaining. With reference back to that Saturday morning, The Husband and I were still smiling fondly as we sweep away the crumbs that she left behind on the floor and our bed after that. Seems like we are not going to make good disciplinarians any time soon.

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