Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whale lazing away

Just when Anya was recovering from the little flu, I got it from her. That was over the weekend. Presently, we are all pretty recovered, except for an occasional drippy nose.

My energy level, however, is going down. Comparing this pregnancy to the last one, it is a case of you gain some, you lose some. Without the vomiting, I am gaining weight like any other normal pregnant women. Right now, I count myself as the no. 1 anti-anti-gravity. Up-slopes irks me. I know I said this before, but I cannot help but whine here. The lower part of my body feels as if I have completed a cross-country race and NAFA test at the end of everyday. My pelvic area sore, my legs aches. Occasionally in bed, I have to sit up and readjust my sleeping position because I am unable to turn from one side to the other. I am back to being a light sleeper on most nights.

Therefore, I am blog-stipated. I don't feel as bright as I usually am. Words just do not flow. My eyelids somewhat start to feel heavier whenever I click onto "new post" on blogger. Then, as if hallucinating, I hear my bed calling out for me to cuddle it.

Which is why I am ending this entry.


MamaJ said...

Hi there! Found your blog via Corsage's. :) Hang in there for the pregnancy, can totally understand since I'm currently 36 weeks with number 2... everything seems to go in slow-motion... Take care!

Anya's mom said...

Hi MAmaJ, thanks for dropping by! I've been reading your blog now and then for months actually! I wish I creative like you when it comes to craft work! You take care too! Bless you with a supernatural & speedy childbirth! See you around. :)

YM said...

Yo! I am at 10 weeks pregnancy, second pregnancy and my pelvic area hurts like hell tooo!!! And I cannot shift at night cos of the pain. Have to take painkiller so that i can fall asleep.. ANd come again, I am 10 weeks pregnant???

Is it true that after first pregnancy the body is weaker? *shrugs*

Anya's mom said...

YM, I tend to take the more western approach in this case. That our body is more attune to pregnancy second time round. As a result, the muscles etc relaxes very quickly (and in our case, maybe too much for us to bear). I'm sure you will feel better when second trimester comes around and the pregnancy hormones stop raging as they are doing now. Jiayou! Hang in there!

YM said...

My backache is killing me too :(

Anya's mom said...

Yep, definitely sounds like muscles and joints relaxing to me, my dear. Rem, no more heels, sit whenever possible. And it's time to get the husband to pile on his TLC with back massages~.. :)