Friday, September 16, 2011

Tribal dance

The Tod has the funniest groove in town.

Well, actually she has two moves. The first is the swaying from side to side to a slower melodious beat. Where a more upbeat song or tune comes along, she quickens her pace, spread her legs outwards and starts stamping around, resembling one of the members of an African tribe doing their rain dance.

Every time she does her fast beat moves, it set us smiling. It is a funny sight to behold. I think I will miss it when she grow out of these cute moves to more sophisticated ones.


007 said...

Are you kidding it brought only a smile? I was laughing away. Amazing balance shown by Tod that would make Diego Maradona proud. Just when she looked like she going to fall, she manage to steady herself. See 6th sec of your clip. =)

Anya's mom said...

Right, James Bond. I had to confirm with JH if Maradona is some soccer player. Heh. Next time we meet, will try to let you see her in live action k.