Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New kid on the block!

Nope, I am not due yet. It is The Sis-in-law! We welcomed The Niece on the 30th September who arrived at a whopping size of 3.5kg at 3-ish in the afternoon. Well, 3.5kg may be average for some babies these days, but she is considered sizable to us given that The Sis-in-law is quite petite!

That evening, we all trooped down to say hello to the new girl. With both sets of grandparents as well as uncles & aunties arriving one after another, the single-bedded ward was sardine-packed quickly. But hey, no one was complaining given the happy occasion!

The Husband and I took the opportunity to 'rehearse' with Anya on the arrival of a new baby too! Well, after watching countless documentaries on pregnant women in labour and how new parents manage their newborns in the first 24 hours, she was seemingly at ease with the environment. Excited at the sight of the baby in the little crib, she kept pointing at her and shrieked "Baby!!". Under watchful eyes, she got to pat her new cousin and give a welcome peck on the cheek too.

Heh! We think she passed the rehearsal with flying colours. :)

Big brother meets little sister

SIL looking good after 9 hours of labour. :)

"Baby!" she shrieks. Then points to my belly and says "Awiah" (Mini Bun's name)

Ipad - the magical instrument that is used to quieten down rowdy kids

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