Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another sticker and "Mah-meh"

Last night, Anya wielded her magic wand and created some wondrous moments for us at bedtime again.

She wanted to paste more stickers after her milk feed, so I went to fetch the last of my sticker stash. This time round, she peeled off the biggest of the flamingo from the bird-themed booklet and pasted it right smack in the center of my belly covering my belly button. Again, kisses followed when we asked if she meant it for her little sister.

I've got a feeling Mini Bun is gonna get many more stickers to come.

Then, as every other night, The Husband and I have incorporated teach-Anya-to-call-Mommy into her bedtime routine. While she goes around tinkering with her toys for the last bit before calling it a night, we will keep encouraging her to call 'Daddy' and 'Mommy'. Sometimes, 'Anya', 'Muffin' and 'Auntie' get roped in too thought we try to avoid 'Ah gong' and 'Ah ma' as we suspect she tends to call me 'Ah ma' as well as her paternal grandmother. Yes, disassociation strategy.

Finally! Last night, we reaped! Instead of saying 'Ah ma' or 'Da-meh', the latter refers to her dummy/pacifier, she said something slightly different. "Mah-meh", she said. We got her to repeat a few more times, all the while my heart seemingly skipped a few beats, as I fear that the moment will pass and she would stop saying it. Well, she repeated again and again, upon gentle prompting.

Then, just to be doubly sure, I asked, "Anya, can you point out where is Mommy?"
She: *Points her index finger at me*
Me: "Can you call 'Mommy'?"
She: "Mah-meh."

\(^ o ^)/~
A lot of cuddling and kisses ensued. :)

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