Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Toy

I have gotten a new toy for myself. (^o^)

Some time ago, I had decided that it is time to be upgraded from a auto digital camera. The question was upgraded to what? After talking to a few friends who are into photography (ladies only, when it comes to techie stuff, talking to guys may open up my floodgate of inadequacies), I settled for an Olympus PEN E-P3 micro four-thirds camera.

Woots! Quoting the model name makes me feel so techie and grown-up! But I guess this is as much techie kick I can get at this point. Owning the camera for barely 24 hours, I have yet to venture beyond the auto and art filter modes. Adjusting the settings for aperture and shutter speed baffles me.

In spite of my amateurish use of the camera so far, I am already blown away by some of the shots (of my two favourite subjects, of course!) taken.

Ahh.. Yep, we were all still in our pjs.

I love how the colors pop in the diorama mode.

Can you spot my little tod's bum?

The bed frame is her sticker 'book' for now.
Despite the perpetual glum expression, she is really a happy dog.

P.S. Thanks YX, for the recommendation! And congrats to the birth of ZY. Looking forward to seeing her! :)

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