Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gift from the sister

Right from the time we knew we are pregs with No. 2, we've been prepping Anya about a younger sibling.

We tell her that Mommy has a Mini Bun in her tummy, and Anya has got to be gentle. We brought her to the pivotal gynae check where we would know the gender of the baby. Once we decided on Mini Bun's name (will keep it a suspense here for now), we taught her how to say it. We tell her that in our household, love only multiplies. So when Mini Bun arrives, Daddy & Mommy will only love Anya & Mini Bun (& Furkid) even more. We encourage her to hug and kiss Mini Bun. These days, she voluntarily hugs and kisses my belly now and then.

All in the hope that she knows there will be a little sister to come, and that she will love her.

Then last night, there was a melt-our-hearts moment.

Here's the setting: We were prepping Anya for bedtime. We have just said our prayers. Anya was peeling more stickers to paste onto her bed-frame. So The Husband was sitting on the floor besides the bed while Anya was on his lap, peeling stickers. I was lying on my sides on Anya's bed, looking at them, my over-sized tee has ride up, semi-exposing my belly.

Suddenly, Anya stood up with a sticker in her hand, inched over the bed frame and pasted the teeny weeny sticker onto my belly.

I asked: "Why, Anya.. Is this sticker for Mini Bun?"
Her: *nods head vigorously then plants a kiss onto my belly*

Well, it is just a mere tiny sticker of a patch of grass. In any case, it is going into their memory box.


Sarah said...

That is sooooo sweet!!! =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Awwwww! She's a real sweetheart :)

Anya's mom said...

Sarah & Corsage:
Yes. We realise we have a girl who has a sweet and affectionate side to her. Prayerfully, these attributes will always stay with her. :)

Anonymous said...

This is worth remembering in a blog! Love ready all the sweetness of all ur kids!!

Jomei said...

From Jomei

Anya's mom said...


Thanks dear. I sure hope that she will be as loving, or even more, when she sees her little sister in person. :)