Monday, September 5, 2011

Goods Delivery

We do online shopping a lot. Apparels, books, toys, diapers, milk powder and dog food are just some of them.

Over the weekend, we had a bulk order of diapers and milk powder that came delivered. The delivery guy arrived with two cardboard boxes of stuff. The Furkid and The Tod excitedly tottered behind The Husband to receive the goods.
"Mommy, are these all mine?"

 These days, Anya likes to help out around the house. Here, she was pleased as punch when The Husband asked her to carry the newborn diapers (for Mini Bun) to The Helper who would stacked it away nicely on top of the children's wardrobe. We were all tickled to see her earnest little face while she concentrated hard on wedging one of the packets of diapers using her chin.

After all the hard work's done, it was time for a little bit of fun. As most young parents will agree, toddlers always have a thing for cardboard boxes. And that was exactly what we used for a bit of entertainment. And some snapshots too! :)

Secretly pleased to be confined within a tiny area with the fur-sister


Yanni said...

Oh yes! They love cardboard boxes! Jingheng used to ride in them, ride on them, draw on them, TEAR them up etc etc. A friend of mine, Stella, even crafted it into a playhouse - kudos to her!

Anya's mom said...

Wow! I'm always very impressed with mummies who can do lotsa creative craftworks with their hands. I'm just not one of them. Sounds like Jingheng really has LOTS of fun with his cardboard boxes.. *grins*

007 said...

I like the 2nd picture. She seems to be wondering "Hmm...Where do i start? "

Anya's mom said...

Yeah! Looks like it right? But actually her hand is at her chin cos she was eating something from her hand. Heh..