Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby, not Anya

Yesterday, I was going through our bookshelves for my antenatal class textbook when I chanced upon this. It is an album of pictures taken of Anya when she was around 4 months old.

I showed her the booklet and asked, "Who is that?"
Her: "Baby!"
Me: "Yes honey, it is a baby. And who is that baby?"
Her: *Pauses for a while* "Baby!"
ME: "Anya, do you know this baby?"
Her: *Another pause then points to The Husband in the background* "Daddee!"

Funny how she does not recognise herself in there when she always points out to me and shouts "Anya!" when she sees the below picture of herself on the TV console.

Maybe her self-image of baby version is only limited to colored ones. Black and whites images are not included.

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