Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Powdered face

From being an sideline observer, Anya now wants to get involved in the action whenever I am prepping myself to go out.

She knows where I keep all my cosmetics and is now tall enough to reach for some of them. On one occasion, we had to change her going-out outfit at the last minute because she had splattered my liquid foundation onto her dress. On the second occasion, she discovered to use of the blusher brush and goes "chu chu chu" as she brushes her face lightly with her eyes closed tentatively. Then on the third occasion, she took off with my blusher without my knowledge Moments later, when she came back into the wardrobe to find me, this was how she looked.. ...

Can you tell that the right side of her face is smeared with patches of sparkly pink? Heh. Too cute.

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