Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Third trimester

I was counting down to the third trimester. No. Scratch that. I have been counting down to D-day. Truthfully, I cannot wait for Mini Bun to be born.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about third trimester second time round. Back to the rightful topic.

So.. as I was saying, I was counting down the days to third trimester. To me, it meant another milestone that brings me nearer to D-day. Little did I know that there really wasn't a need for me to keep track of the dates. As a matter of fact, the body has sent me many signs to inform me of the arrival of third tri.

Here are the signs that I have been experiencing in the past one week (I am now officially 28 weeks):
  1. Carrying Anya for more than 30 seconds when standing/walking will set me off panting as if I just did a 100m sprint.
  2. I feel full easily. A small bowl porridge is enough to make me full. Anything more than that will make me feel uncomfortably tight around my belly and pelvic area. 
  3. 15 minutes into grocery-shopping and I start to go breathless and a dull ache will slowly creep up from my lower back.
  4. I get tired out more easily. Usually, I am still alert when tucking Anya to bed at night. For a few nights in the past one week, my eyelids were drooping  by the time Anya was ready for her last milk feed.
  5. I am beginning to have mild heartburn. They usually kick in from the second half of the day onwards. Am praying hard that they will remain mild so long I watch what I eat. First time round, heartburn was so bad during the third tri that it would keep me awake and I would throw up.
A quick check with a few other mummies who have more than one child (including my own mom) confirms my suspicion. Subsequent pregnancies tends to be more taxing on the body. The belly gets bigger (I'm still sore from the bad joke some friends made about me gonna give birth when I was only 5 months pregs *hmph*), killing backaches, fatigues, more weight gains etc.

Looks like I got to take it easy hereon. No more elaborate cooking that requires extensive and lengthy preparation. No more one-on-one walks with Anya in case she acts up and wants to be carried. Nap whenever possible.

In retrospect, I am so thankful that The Helper came in much earlier. Now, other than taking things easy, I just want to treasure the times my times with Anya. Am feeling sappy about this when it suddenly occurred to me that with D-day being less than 3 months away, it also means that Anya will no longer be the only child. Oh, what mixed feelings!


Stitch said...

first time to your blog! are already in your 3rd trimester...I have 1 more trimester to go. I can fully understand the difficulties of our activities.

Anya's mom said...

Hi Stitch,

Thanks for dropping by! Are you expecting your no. 3? Wow, kudos to u! Yes, there are quite a bit of limits of what we can do now huh. Thank God pregnancy only last for 40 weeks! Btw, You've got two beautiful children there. :)