Thursday, September 22, 2011


The Tod is down with flu. With a voice and an increasingly stronger mind of her own, I realised that taking care of my child when she falls sick has become a different ball game.

Yesterday, she insists on wearing her cardigan to bed, then refused her dinner midway instead wanting "VVVAAArrNNEeee!". It took all three of us (The Husband, The Helper and myself) a good ten minutes of head-scratching before we realised she meant "Barney". She has been refusing to sleep during naptimes, only to fall asleep later during playtime. Refuses to have her nose wiped, but becomes irritable when the mucus comes streaming down her nostrils, tickling her. Today, she insists on wearing a jacket pretty much the whole day (not a bad thing since the weather is cold) and her plushy bag. The latter, I suspect, is because of its cushy factor.
In her cardigan with her peek-a-boo face

Her mood is erratic and she changes her mind every so often. One moment, she wanted her milk and signed "please" to Aunty (The Helper). The next moment, she decides that milk can wait as she wanted to lie down on Daddy & Mommy's bed and snuggle with Eeyore. But her milk was ready! So concession was made - she got to have her milk while snuggling with Eeyore on our bed. 

Breakfast in bed
Many times, she used her fingers to dig deep into her mouth, causing herself to gag. The family doctor suspects that it is because the phlegm is causing her discomfort since there is no inflammation in her throat. Another note of concern: Contrary to what I think, she has not been putting on weight. From the time she turned one year old, she has stopped gaining weight - lost some, in fact. Family doctor voiced out her concern when I told her that she refuses meat almost all the time. Gonna supplement her with gummy vitamins hereon. For the record, doctor was amused when I told her Anya has never eaten sweets before. So those Mr. Tumee gummies will be heavenly goodies to her.

Just as I was typing the above, she woke up from her nap. A big hairy meltdown followed. The nose congestion and lethargy was making her really grumpy.

Still, it is not entirely a dreary picture. There were many cuddly snuggly moments that I am more than happy to have, especially since I am counting down to the days when it will no longer be just she and I. Also, I get to capture many pictures (as you can see here) that warms my heart whenever I look at them. :)

Kissing her fursister

The Furkid can vouch for the cold weather too.


Sarah said...

I dun give sweets to my gal too.. =)
Hope Anya get well soon!

Anya's mom said...

Thanks dear. YEp, but I have now given her concession in terms of those vitamin gummies! Second day and she is now rejecting her raisins!

Stitch said...

my gal do not like raisins. She prefers vitamin gummies. Now I got to supplement her with Ribena gummies.