Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of the great news in this pregnancy...

I am drug-free!

The first morning after we arrived in Bangkok, I must have been so caught up in the holiday mood that I totally forgot to take my anti-medication. By the time I remembered, it was dinnertime.

I had apprehensively told The Husband: "Dear, I have some bad news.."


"I forgot to take my medication.."


"But what if I throw up?"

Slightly amused, The Husband replied, "Look, it's almost end of the day. How are you feeling? Fine right?"

In a small voice: "Yes..."

"Then okay lor!"

The Husband's dismissive tone indicated that that should end the discussion, but I persisted.

"Erm.. So should I take the medication tomorrow?"

Even more dismissively, "No."

Even smaller voice, "Okay...."

And that was it! I still have 6 or 8 dosages left, which I'm keeping for rainy days (and also because they cost $40 each!). Hurray!

On another piece of pregnancy-woes-related good news: I found a better alternative in Bangkok to curb my excessive salivation! I have been sucking on hard candies which is making me really uncomfortable for fear of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy-related complications at the later stage. Then on the flight to Bangkok, I had a light-bulb moment: "I should try chewing gums!"

It worked better in the sense that it uses sugar-free sweetening though some might argue that that is worse but heck, my OBGYN has given me clearance when he spied me chewing vehemently at the last check two days ago. Plus, per gum has a longer life in my mouth and when you add up, I am really eating much lesser sweets than I used to when using the hard candies alternative. So yay! Double hurray!

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