Friday, June 3, 2011

The story of a little girl and a donkey

It all started a few months ago. Our little family was grocery-shopping in a supermarket. We were about to check-out our stuff when we noticed the shelf lined with stuffed toys. I went up to the shelf and did what I did for the past couple of times we past by this shelf. I randomly picked up a toy, brought it to the view of Anya who was seated in the trolley, and see what happens.

In the previous occasions, she had been indifferent. She would cast a quick glance at the toy in question, then look away. This time around, her eyes set onto the said toy, broke into a loving smile, then edged forward to kiss the toy. It did not just stop there. She kissed the toy again and again, then hugged it lovingly. The Husband and I were stunned. We looked on bemusedly as this tremendous amount of affection that was displayed. I was the first to find my tongue again.

The object of her affection
The first words that came out was, "Erm.. How much is this Ee yore?".  Then it was a muffled shriek, followed by, "This thing is $20!!?".

The next thing heard was from The Husband, "What?!!".

For the record, the said Ee yore is a mere 8" tall little soft toy. Between The Husband and I, our mental guess-timate of its price-tag was $12.95, not the actual $19.95. Then we look back at the trolley where the afftectionate scene of Anya hugging and kissing her newfound friend continues to unfold. Feeling slightly torn, I did what I thought was the kindest thing to do.

I let The Husband decide.

Let's just say it was a happy end to that day where Anya gets to bring her new love home while I was issued threats on never to pull that let's-take-a-soft-toy-to-show-Anya-and-see-what-happens stunt again.

Since the day Ee yore came home with us, he sleeps with Anya during every nap-time and bedtime. When Anya goes to her grandparents' place and is expected to have her nap-time there, Ee yore tags along. Now, unlike her dummy and favorite hanky (which she uses to sniff through as she dozes off), Ee yore can be dispensable. However, she does tend to hug on him and smother him before settles into lala-land.

As the love blossoms, we find that having the donkey around has its usefulness. The stuffed donkey seems to have a calming effect on her on occasions when she is unwell or when she is spiraling downwards to am impending meltdown. 

 Whenever we go out, Ee yore tags along. When the car ride becomes too long for Anya, out comes Ee yore for some TLC just to while time away. At the departmental store where Anya points out at a random stuff toy on display and insist on holding it, we will whip out Ee yore from the diaper bag and her affection will immediately divert back to the donkey. In retrospect, Ee yore is really a good buy, considering that he has helped us to divert many mini catastrophes along the way.

Calming her when she turns grouchy
After two months of being surgically attached to our daughter, Ee yore has turned a shade duller and stank slightly of stale saliva. A few days ago, I gave it a wash and dry. Not wanting to risk ending its fate prematurely, I decided that a gentle wash in the machine and then air dry instead of using the dryer will be safer. So Anya was to venture the whole of that day on her own. As predicted, she had no problem going down for both her naps. Her first love, Rabbit, took the place of being cuddled before she drifts into lala-land.
Away on a wash & dry
That evening, we went out to the nearby mall for dinner and some grocery-shopping. At the supermart, something caught our attention. Some 12" / 15" tall Ee yores are on sale! At $12.95! Anya saw me when I was picking up one and checking the price. She got excited. Seeing the joy on her face, I had to let her hold it.

At that point, I sensed dagger stares upon me.
*Gulps* Dagger stares upon me
Thankfully, we managed to coax her into parting with that Eeyore. We told her that her Eeyore is at home, and this big Eeyore belongs to the supermarket. Then we told her to kiss big Eeyore goodbye which she obeyed beautifully. Phew! 

So yep. That's about the love story of my daughter and her beloved donkey. I am curious how far this story will carry on. :)


YM said...

OMG! I like this post :) She is so loving..

Daphne said...

You might want to consider buying another one for emergency backups. Speaking from personal experience, hahahahh!

Anya's mom said...

Thanks dear. Yes, we notice she tends to be affectionate and super "yang orh".

LOL! Now, that's a thought. Gotta put it up to the CFO (Husband) for approval though. :P