Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini bun, Mini bun, what is your gender, Mini bun?

The Husband and I had a bet Mini bun's gender weeks ago. My bet was on female and he on male. Our bet was not indicative of any gender preference. In fact, we always maintained that we do not have any preference, though we did a lot of building-castles-in-the-air on what it will be like to raise two girls versus one boy/one girl. Our vague conclusion was that having a boy will probably drain our energy even more than now (seeing how our friends and loved ones with boys cope) while The Husband expressed that he will feel slightly intimidated by the imbalance of yin/yang in the household if we have another girl - even the Furkid is a err.. bitch.

On our routine check last week, we have an answer. For this occasion, we especially arranged for Anya to go for the check with us, my mom who happened to be on MC on the same day to go for her routine check-up tagged along too. Without any suspense but rather matter-of-factly, my OBGYN announced that "It is a princess.". When queried by The Husband that maybe the 'thing' is still too underdeveloped to be obtruding, the OBGYN reply came, "I'm afraid not. There is really nothing there..".

So yay! I won our $100 bet. And Anya & Muff are gonna have a sister!

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