Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting back my energy

In the past one week, I could feel my energy regaining. Suddenly, one morning I woke up and felt simply normal. And that normalcy stayed on for the rest of that day and pretty much all the way till now. Well, I am still on anti-vomit medication and still have excessive salivation (which I manage by sucking on hard candies every now and then), but other than that, hey! I feel.... .. normal! No more lethargic, hardly nauseous, hardly heartburn. Maybe this pregnancy will be easier hereon.

Given the present positive outlook, I have been telling myself to go out more. Being coped up at home, lying in bed half the time in the last two months has been depressing. There are days when I feel lonely and trapped, feeling my way around in mental darkness. It is a terrible phase. Despite feeling down, I knew that God was with me, so prenatal depression could not come near. So now that I am better, it is time to get back my social life, to bask in the pregnancy, to spend more time with Anya, and to resume a large chunk of my responsibility as a SAHM.

Last night, I met up with the Shopping Accomplice. It has been a couple of months since we caught up, and there were a lot of things happening in her life since we last met. Remembering how she raved about the dim sum after her last visit to Hongkong, I had planned a belated birthday treat for her at Dim Joy. To our dismay, Dim Joy is closed for renovation. Funny how they did not update this piece of news on their website and I had to know about this at their doorstep. So without any contingency plans, we decided to take a stroll down Tras street and see what it offers us. We ended up in this Korean restaurant that the SA visited before. Said that their fried chicken was good.

We ordered a small fried chicken combo that consists of all the three flavours of garlic, original and spicy (i think), a small kimchi steamboat and a vegetable pancake. Overall, we were very satisfied with the food - with the exception of disliking a particular flavour of chicken, we happily stuffed the rest of the items down.  For once, I brought a camera and remembered to take pictures before we tucked in (the SA had to remind me twice though)Unfortunately, the lighting of the restaurant did little justice to the dishes.

Tonight, we have a gathering with The Husband's buddy. Upcoming, there will be more weddings to attend (Total of 6 in one month alone!), our short getaway next week, and we are planning to bring Anya to Polliwogs and explore brunch haunts and cafes! So much to look forward to! :)


Daphne said...

Six weddings in a month! Phew that burns a pretty big hole in the pocket, is it an auspicious month or something?

Polliwogs is great! I went there pretty often at one point when I bought the package but the kids got pretty bored after that.

Anya's mom said...

Not sure if it is an auspicious month, definitely not for us given the hole it has burned. :P

Did not go to polliwogs after all cos we were lazy to drive all the way to the east. Tried going to Fidgets at Turf city but it turned out to be a wild goose chase..