Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anya's First Trip to the Hairdresser

I have decided that Anya's hair has grown to a decent length that should no longer be subjected to my amateurish-stationery-scissors-haircut. Given that her bangs are threatening to prick her eyes these days, we felt that it is about time we make a trip down to those 10-minutes@$10 hair salon. So last night, that was what we did.

From what I gathered from some other Mommies' blog, these $10 salon chains has individual TV screens for respective customers where you may request to them to play your own DVDs. Unfortunately, it was not the case for the outlet that we went to, probably the aforementioned was another $10 chain. Instead, the LCD screen was playing advertisements that do not interest Anya at all. So instead, we had Anya sit on her Daddy's lap at some point and being carried at other times while I play Pororo on Youtube using my iPhone to keep her still.
Putting on a giant bib. One for Daddy too.

iPhone to the rescue!

Harassed by the strange suction monster

Well, it went quite well. I merely wanted a trim to neaten her messy mane and thus the predictable result of a little China doll.

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