Friday, June 24, 2011

Pilgrimage to BKK 2011: Shopping

When I was in my twenties, I always go gaga in Platinum Mall. If I were to be in Bangkok for three full days, I could jolly well be in Bangkok for all that three days from 11am (after I woke up at 9am and stuffed myself silly with hotel's breakfast) all the way till their closing time at 7pm. I like that I can clothed myself in the latest fashion at a fraction of the prices of what is sold in departmental stores. Of course, quality of what you get here will be compromised but then again, fashion goes in and out quickly too. Plus I love the scene of haggling and bargaining. The feeling of triumph when I walk away with another successfully bargained purchase. And if the bargain failed, I could simply shrug and walk away knowing that  the mall has so much many more alternatives to offer anyway.

Well, as mentioned earlier, that was when I was in my twenties. Now that I mellowed a little - with age and with change of season in life, my love for Platinum Mall has diminished a little too. This time round, no longer do I practically camp in there after parking The Husband with a book at one of the cafes. Most of the apparels sold aren't fitting for a big-bellied me anyway. Instead, it was a leisure stroll with The Husband and Anya, picking out one or two gifts for loved ones, shopping for practical  clothing such as pajamas, stretchy pants for my stretched belly and a first bag for Anya. It turned out quite enjoyable, watching Anya taking in the colorful sights, rapt.

Matching PJs formommy & baby!
Anya's first bag - doubles up as a pillow at diaper-changing station
Other than the Platinum Mall, I usually pick up some undergarments at one of the departmental stores as well. As most Singaporean ladies will know, most lingerie brands (Triumph, BSC and Wacoal) are manufactured in Thailand and that means only one thing: cheap, Cheap, CHEAP.

And lastly, there is my final favorite stop for shopping - the duty-free shopping at Suvarnabhumi Airport. One of my discovery about the duty-free shopping here is that not only do they have a good collection of luxury brands here (and they are duty-free!), these boutiques tend to house their past seasons goods where you can no longer find in Singapore's boutique. There's icing on top that comes in a form of slashed price for some brands such as Fendi and Dunhill too! Now, when I was still in the workforce, I used do a bit more actual shopping here.These days, we usually either shop for The Husband or simply window-shop. This time round, however, I went home with something nice from The Husband.

Thanks, dear! :)

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