Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Bunny

After reading from another mommy's blog about how her daughter split her lower lip after bath because of the "wormlet", I decided to stop using the wraparound hooded towel on Anya as soon as she starts walking on her own.

In anyway, I reckon those wraparound towels can be kept for Mini Bun's use. So I went back to Ikea to buy another hooded towel that will be worn over her head instead. Her hands will be freed up instead of being bundled up and she will be able to break her fall should it happens.

Since I am writing about Ikea towels, may I add that I am a big fan of their children's hooded towel. Yes, at $19-$21 a piece, they are pricey if you compare them to what you can buy from pasar malam but I love them because they are so thick, fluffy, absorbent and durable (one year and they are still thick and fluffy!). Plus as they are hooded, I can wrap Anya's head snugly right after she steps out of her bath and leave it on while I dress her at the changing table. By the time she is fully clothed, her head will have become nicely towel-dried.

At this point, the new towel is slightly too big for her, but like all the previous Ikea hooded towels, have the effect of making her ridiculously cute. Or that's what her mommy thinks, at least. :)

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