Thursday, June 2, 2011

T turns one

Over the weekend, we turned up for Tristan's birthday bash. 

T's mommy and I have a friendship that went all the way back to primary school days. Both of us share a love for furry animals (we used to play mummies to lost kittens in the neighborhood estate near our primary school), books and mindless banters. Later, we happened to progress to the same secondary school and then junior college. Come to think of it, the only times we were ever in the same class was in Primary 5, 6 and JC 1st three months , the rest of the time? We were always next door to each other! Really, such coincidence! During our schooling years, we always had our own respective cliques that we moved around in, but somehow, somewhere, we will be intertwined in one same clique together. Into adulthood, we related to each other well as our major milestones in life almost always coincided with each other. We both got married in the same year, went flat-hunting within the difference of a year or two, and our firstborn are a mere two months apart. Okay, enough about the background introduction of my dear friend and back to her son's birthday bash.

We were once again, unabashedly, the last guests to arrive. This time though, I did inform The Girlfriend in advance as The Husband had a corporate community work drive in the morning. So by the time we arrived, the party was in full swing, in fact, it was almost time for cake-cutting. The Girlfriend booked an outdoor sheltered gallery within the compounds of a newly renovated community club in Ang Mo Kio. We thought it was a great place to have a children party as the gallery was among greenery and was situated right next to a playground. Although it was not air-conditioned, there were four power ceiling fan blasting away, so we were kept nicely cooled.

Given that we were the last to arrive, we had the decency to stay back so we get to talk to the parents and play a bit with T. When we put Anya and Tristan side by side, the same realization hit both The Husband and I. Behavioral-wise, Anya is indeed now a toddler while T still has that baby-ish pre-tod demeanor. Oh man! They grow so fast! Given that he is the birthday boy, I tried prompting Anya to hug and kiss him. It tickled us how generous she was with her hugs for him but refused repeatedly when it came to kisses. It was only after numerous tries that she finally planted a quick one on his face. Haha! And because we were the last to leave, The Girlfriend and her MIL made us "dabao" leftovers home. And we unabashedly (again) did. Heh. 

To end off, here's some lousy iPhone-quality pictures. :)
The hosts
Sweet-nature T okays anybody and everybody to carry him!
With the girlfriend and our sullen-looking offspring
Special occasions such as this that she gets to have her cake and eat it
Fun @ the playground!
Totally heart this item that came in Anya's goodie bag. Guess what it is?

It is really an old skool toy made in the shape of a camera! Coolness!

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