Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At 36 weeks

Last night, I had a series of Braxton-Hicks with a slight dull lower back pain. Those tightness around the tummy, alternating with Mini Bun's vigorous movements kept me from falling into deep sleep the whole night. I will be lying if I say the possibility of premature labour did not cross my mind. Especially given that groggy sleepy state, judgment tends to deteriorate.

Now I understand why some expectant mothers will have false alarms. Ironically, I do not remember being this confused about labour signs the first time round. Nor do I recall Anya's movements in my belly being so low. With Mini Bun, I could tell that her head is near the pelvic area and every time she turns her head, it feels like she is messing with my bowels and bladder. Very peculiar feeling! Quite uncomfortable, I should say! Hmmm.., I cannot even articulate how it feels like when she hiccups, which is very frequent in recent weeks!

Possibly the last pic of us deck out in nice outfit before we become a family of five.

Is The Husband trying to assume a preggy pose?


Jus said...

I read that the Braxton Hicks are usually stronger from the 2nd pregnancy onwards. I know in my case it was pretty strong, and sometimes quite frequent in the third trimester! So can totally understand what you're going through...

Hang in there, almost at the finish line! :) And you're looking good in those pics!

Anya's mom said...

Jus, oh yes! I read your entries and got to know that you were having Braxton-Hicks for weeks right up till real labour kicked in. Funny thing was when I was reading, I was still thinking to myself "Thank God the BHs that I experienced so far were mild and do not confuse me!". I guess I said that too early. :P