Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At 38 weeks

Everyday, I am psyched to go into labour. I have never been good at waiting games. I have been constantly looking out for any slightest sign of labour.

Is my Braxton-Hicks more painful than usual? Is it more regular?

When I go to the bathroom, I am always checking for bloody show. 

Do I feel like Mini Bun is engaged? 

Is the lower back pain intensifying? 

As you can see, I am all geared.

I pulled one of my back muscle a few days ago. As a result, I have been in pain. I could not carry Anya for more than 3 seconds. I could not arch my back over the high chair to feed her. Even the act of rinsing my mouth over the sink when brushing my teeth causes pain shooting up my back. As a result, I have been in resting in bed in the afternoons - which I am grateful for, since I have not been sleeping well at night (due to the numerous trips to the loo and the discomfort of my humongous belly).

And also, quite frankly, I cannot wait to meet our second little girl! So my dear Mini Bun, if your body is all well-developed already, do make your way out quickly okay? Looking forward to hold you in my arms!

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