Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A weekend of celebrating little ones' milestones

Over the weekend, we celebrated one niece's turning of one month (and a week) old and another niece's turning of eight years old.

The first celebration was held on Sunday at The In-Laws' place, among close relatives. The SIL requested that I chip in my homemade tau suan (mung bean dessert) and I threw in another dish in the form of 'kong bak pau' - chinese subway, as one of the cousins explained to his son. I was chuffed that the relatives pronounced the kong bak pau as their number one favourite.

It was great to see both the SIL and her five-weeks old doing so well. Baby SQ looks exactly like the female version of her big brother! So no worries, my dear SIL! While you may be a little bit dismay that she looks like a boy now, given how handsome SK is, I am certain little SQ will grow up to be a pretty lass too! :)

Hot mama with her offspring
A cousin showing off her DIY M&Ms manicure

HEllo, cutie!
Five-week-old vs 19-month-old
Then, on Monday (it was a long weekend due to Hari Raya Haji), The Husband and I took C out for a belated birthday lunch. Well, her actual birthday was on Sunday where her parents had held a birthday bash at home. She had voiced her disappointment to my mom (her grandma) upon knowing that The Husband and I could not make it. So this was a make up treat for her.

The Husband and I had actually gotten her present weeks ago (for fear that I would give birth too early). In fact, we had also bought the other two nephews' birthday presents already (one in December, another in early January) and they are all stashed away neatly in our wardrobe. Very kiasu, this pair of uncle and aunt.

Don't the kiddos look like their grandma?

Go green. Give presents unwrapped.

Getting the birthday girl started on her new boardgame
 We were glad that C seemed to enjoy herself.  Since she started primary school, she seemed to have become this angsty and sometimes defiant tween. The C that gotten along with us yesterday was more like the girl that we always knew - chatty when alone with just The Husband and I whose love language is acts of kindness. No scowls, no rolling of eyes. Instead, she was all smiles the whole afternoon and was really sweet to Anya and her own little brother. Prayerfully, she will outgrow the rebellious phase quickly. 

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