Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another conversation with The Tod

This time round, the conversation drove both of us nuts.

Here's the setting:
The Tod and I were watching Pororo on Disney Junior channel. This particular episode depicts how Crong (one of the character, a baby dinosaur) found a baby seal by the sea. I wish I could upload the picture of the said baby seal (the crux of this conversation), but I could not find it on the Internet. Anyway, for some reason - probably the husky "barks" of the baby seal, Anya thinks that it is a dog.

"Dog!", she said while pointing at the baby seal. 
"No, Anya. That is a seal. A baby seal.", I replied. 
With her chin slightly jutted, she repeated, "Dog!".
"No. It sounds like a dog, but it is a seal.", I explained.

This line of conversation ping-ponged to and fro between us for the next couple of minutes, with her repeatedly insisting that it was a dog while my patience thinned out while trying to get the facts across to her.

The end of this conversation was eventually initiated by The Tod whom, with a grave tone of finality drawled, "DO-O-O-OG..!..!", and simultaneously tossed a small toy in her hand onto the floor in exasperation.

Is this the start of mother-vs-child verbal sparring?


Sarah said...

haha.... she spotted the similarity not just from the sound but from the looks too huh? Tatz why so insistent... =)

Anya's mom said...

LOL! I mean, admittedly, they do have several similarities... But I am really just being a facilitator of facts to her here and had to incur her wrath for that. (- -")