Monday, November 21, 2011

Reminiscing 19 months of Anya

I finally sorted through all the soft copies of pictures that we have of Anya!

The last time I did this, Anya was 4-5 months old, and already, it took me a few sittings in front of the laptop to consolidate the pictures from various sources (camera, iPhone, and friends' uploaded), then catergorise them accordingly to months.

Really, someone gotta give me the credit for the discipline to finish up this project even though I, erm..., started doing this project since September? Actually.. forget about giving me the credit. As it is, I am already pleased as punch that I have done it. Not only do I have all her photos nicely catergorised from 0 - 19 months chronologically sitting in my back-up hard-disk now, I have also selected a handful - okay, close to a hundred, to be precise - to be developed and add to our family album. Among them were also selected few family pictures that we send over to The Grandparents for keepsakes.

Here's a few of them for your viewing pleasure:

This is really timely, I thought. Just before Mini Bun arrives. The act of doing up the family album feels like marking the end of a chapter, as we continue a new chapter with no. 2's arrival. Not only that. I also get to relive Anya's birth and her growth, and savour the last bit of having only her (other than Muff) around. The Husband and I had lots of laughs and exchanges of "Do you remember what happened when this picture was taken..??" as we went through the hard copies after we picked them up from the developing shop yesterday. As I am typing this now, I am feeling all fuzzy-sappy with my eyes watering a bit.

19 months! Our firstborn has grown so much in 19 months! From that pimply-faced little bundle with her infamous thunder thighs, she has blossomed into a slim, fair-complexioned, ponytail-wearing little girl! With her own unique character and traits to boot. And in a matter of days, she will be joined by another sibling! While it was not purposefully planned to coincide with the birth of Mini Bun - the timing of this picture-sorting business, I mean - the timeliness has actually helped to managed my mental readiness to welcome our second child.

With that, I like to end off with a note for Anya:


With the arrival of baby sister, there is going to be some madness around the house. Some things may be beyond your comprehension, and you may feel a bit lost. But Daddy and Mommy are always around. By God's grace, love will always multiply. With Arielle's arrival, there will be one more person that we get to love, love us in return, and through that, experience even more of God's love for us. You know how God especially loves each and every one of us because we are created by Him as unique individuals? Well, Daddy and Mommy especially loves you too! So, even after Arielle comes, we are certain we will always especially love you, just the way you are. Sames goes for our love for Arielle too.

It is Daddy's and Mommy's hearts' desire to have at least two children. And by God's blessing, this is going to come true very quickly. We think that by giving you a sibling (likewise for Arielle) is one of the greatest gift that we, as parents, can have for you. So, do enjoy your sister. Even the downside having one - such as fights and squabbles in time to come.

We are looking forward to watching you through the growing years! 

In God's love, 
Mommy & Daddy


Sarah said...

Lovely note! =)

Ai Sakura said...

So sweet.. happy 19 months to Anya! Keep at it.. a bit tedious but oh so worth it to look back at the memories :) I try to do it every month too..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka