Monday, October 31, 2011

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

 On Saturday morning, we finally set foot on Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. I have talked about visiting this much-talked about attraction for months but since I fell pregnant for the second time, we seem to have become a sleepy lot, preferring to sleep in on weekend mornings.

We have invited The Helper to join us as she has seen pictures of us picnicking in The Botanical Garden and had told me that she wanted to visit the place when she gets her off day (The contract stated that she is not allowed on off days till after six months). However, I disclaimed beforehand that this is another different part of the botanical garden and may not be what she is hoping for.

The Husband and I were quite impressed with the garden. It is indeed a wonderful place for young children. The size of the garden is manageable for both parents (who have to lug strollers, bags and whatnots) as well as children. Yet, it is packed with educational values that stimulates the children's senses. We'd think that the features such as the suspension bridge and waterfall can be interesting and even exciting through the eyes of a 5-year-old, making the learning fun.

For Anya, however, it is apparent everything is new, strange and some, even possibly a tad scary to her. She was reluctant to explore most parts of the garden, preferring to sit in her stroller, hold onto one of our hands (sometimes even both of us) or wrap her arms tightly around one of The Husband's leg.
Sweetie, that's the eggplant that you and Daddy refused to eat at dinnertime.

"Hmm.. what is Daddy trying to point out to me?"
"Can you see it?"
The following are some of the experiences that she had there and what I imagined were her thought bubbles.

So many children within the same compound at the same time, screaming, running and laughing? "Hmmm...."

Touch the mimosa plant and the leaves clam up? *startled* "Are they going to clam my fingers too?!?"

Walk the suspension shaky suspension bridge? "No...! I like my grounds firm and unshakable."

At the playground, feel the sand under your feet? "Ewwww......"
Running around the waterplay so that huge sprouts of water come raining down onto me while other children scream, run and laugh around me? "Doubly scary!"

Okay, this tiny water sprout is more manageable for tiny me.

The Husband and I learned something new on this trip too. We learned that it is high time that we expose our toddler to more greenery and other new things. :P

Oh, it was also on this fateful day that Anya bruised her kneecaps twice in the same day. Once, in the morning during the walk. That evening, we took the In-laws out for dinner at Ga Hock Seafood Restaurant and the poor tod had fallen down again in the dark when The Husband took her on a walk around the vicinity.

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