Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The Furkid was due for her weekly bath. Given that it is a public holiday and The Husband was at home, we brought both toddler and dog for a walk to the playground before washing the dog.

While walking back home, we were verbally prepping both dog and toddler about their impending baths. Back in the flat, The Husband asked, "Who should I bathe first?".

I replied. "Anya. So that she can go for her nap after that. Then you can take your time with Muff."

And so, we gave Anya her fruit juice then announced, "Anya, it's pompom time! (meaning bath time, in our kiddish dialect language)".

After a few prompts, Anya finished up her juice, passed the cup to The Helper then headed to the entrance of our bedroom's attached bathroom, waiting for one of us to undress her. Strange enough, The Furkid followed her to the bathroom.

Well, you might have guessed what's on The Furkid's mind. You are probably right. Yes, she thought it was her bath-time. Despite repeated dissuasion and coaxing from us that her bath will come after Anya's, The Furkid was at Anya's heels as The Husband led her into the shower cubicle.

With that, bath-time for both kiddos became the highlight event of the day in our little flat. :)

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