Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update: Sleeptraining on little girl's bed

After four days training, we seems to have made progress!

Actually, up till before Tuesday, it was clearly a regressive situation for us.

At first, there was the typical tinkling with stuff around the room instead of sleep once we left the room. Then it evolved to pleading for me to stay with her while she sleeps. And then, it became pleading for me to sleep with her, on the same bed.

Not looking good. I should say.

However, I was not about to give up. My gut feel tells me that despite all the regression she is going through, we will somehow succeed. So, on Monday, I even proposed to The Husband that we let her sleep on the bed at night as well. This came as a surprise for him as we agreed earlier on that we would not do so until she could sleep well in her bed during daytime before making the switch for nighttime as well. But we went ahead to try out anyway.

Well, she did fall asleep that night on the bed, albeit after almost an hour of clowning around the room and having The Husband sitting at the foot of her bed eventually. Just when we thought we could call it a night. Apparently she had a case of indigestion from the earlier dinner - something that she experienced occasionally. Ten minutes after The Husband left her room, she got up and proceeded to throw up all over the bed, herself, and then onto me when I went to get her.

So yeah, eventually, she ended up in the cot because it was already 1am by the time I cleaned her and myself up while The Husband sanitised the floor with Detto, set up the air purifier in her room, then stripped all the soiled bedding and put them in pails of detergent to soak. Too tired, all three of us.

Interestingly though, on Tuesday, things started to look up. At nap time, there was probably sleep debt from the night before that urgently needed to be paid off. There was no exploration around the room this time. She was clearly in the mood to sleep. She did not, however, sleep on the bed. Instead, she slept on the cot mattress that I had placed on the floor besides the bed which I had intended it to cushion her should she fall off the bed.

Then last night (Tuesday night) and this afternoon, she slept on the bed. She did not get off the bed at all. Just lay down there after we left the room, and gradually soothed herself to sleep! It happened! Just like that! For nighttime, we would open her room door after we are certain that she is sound asleep so that we can hear her better should any mishap arises. Of course, there is a possibility of her waking up in the middle of the night and come looking for us. And sure she did - at 6am in the morning. Not too bad, we think. And after she came over, she drift straighted back to sleep again.

We are so proud of our little girl! :) 

Here are some snapshots that I took off our surveillance camera. Thought that I will post them here so Anya gets to see for herself how Daddy & Mommy spied on her during sleep-times.

Not sleepy?
At last!

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