Friday, August 26, 2011

Updating my desktop's background

For months, my desktop background was a picture of Anya @ 7 months old taken together with The Furkid. Then, Anya's hair still resembled a wild mane of a rambutan.

I've been wanting an updated shot of the both of them. Every time I switch on my laptop and see that picture, I am reminded of it. A quick scan through of our digital album tells me that I do not have a suitable picture. I need one that has both of them looking at the camera and none of them should be blurry.

Finally, I've gotten down to do it. I put the both of them back onto the same swivel chair. With a snack (for The Furkid) in one hand, and the camera pointing at them in the other, I got the picture I wanted at first shot.

I am still amazed at how much my little girl has transformed over the last nine months. Right under my nose! She ain't a baby anymore!

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