Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Posing for the camera

On a totally irrelevant note first: It is such a bliss to be able to stroll along wide empty isles in a mall on a Saturday evening. I am usually apprehensive to snap away on my camera in public. Here, I did not have to worry about being self-conscious at all. I was very glad that I took these pictures as I thought they captured some happy faces there.

My charming tot has learned to pose in front of the camera. Whenever she sees Mommy whip out the camera and aiming it at her, she would adjust herself by backtracking till about 1.5meters away, stand still and smile slightly. After I'm done by announcing 'Okay!', she will run towards me eagerly, reaching for the camera to review her pictures.

Such is the phenomena that we get to see in a technology-savvy world! :)


Jomei Loh said...

Alamak din know of ur health for this baby.. But thank god everything's ok... Pregnant is such a big sacrifice! Take good care love

Anya's mom said...

Hey dear, yup, thank God we are all okay! Thanks for your regards. :)