Saturday, August 20, 2011

She's eating more these days

After the post where I mentioned that she refused to eat, I have decided to totally ditch making separate porridge for her. It was really pointless, and a waste too, to see those porridge cleared away into the trash bag at the end of every day.

Instead, she eats what we eat these days. Of course, it means we have to alter our cooking style and eating preference. Lunches on weekdays are usually simple home-cooked one-dish meals. I no longer use salt in my stock for macaronis and kuey teows (no more salt in most of my cooking in fact!). Instead, I've found a wonderful alternative in the form of chicken bones which makes the broth really flavorful!
Flavorful and hearty macaroni!
So it is usually kuey teow soup, macaroni soup or fish porridge for lunches. Sometimes, we have fried rice or plain porridge with simple dishes. For back-ups, I will make dessert soups such as red bean soups and sweet potato soup. Here, sugar is used sparingly. For dinners, it is usually steamed organic brown rice with 2-3 dishes and a soup. It is at dinner where I could sneak in a favorite spicy dish of curry or sambal occasionally.

The verdict? Well, it seems to work well with her. She still steers clear of meats and leafy parts of vegetables. Give her eggs (any form!) and she is a happy bunny. Also, while it is only once in a blue moon that she cleans out her plate, but hey, I am not pushing it! I am actually quite contented to see her finishing more than half of what was dished out to her - which is happening on most meals. Those dessert soups and fruits can help to fill out the rest of her stomach.

She is also making progress in her milk intake. From the supposedly 600ml a day, it had dropped to a miserable 300ml at one point. Recently, with a lot of positive reinforcements from The Husband and I, it has gradually improved to 450ml a day.

Already, the results are visible to me. I can see her cheeks filling out, just a tiny wee bit.

It is enough to put my mind at ease for now. :)

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