Thursday, August 4, 2011

My bad!

One of our inside jokes has been about the way I sleep. The Husband often teased me about my unladylike postures when I'm fast asleep which includes lying face up with one leg crossed over the other while my arms go all the way underneath my pillow.

The other night as I was giving Anya her last milk feed before bedtime, I arranged her legs such that it resembles my infamous sleeping position. It was out of sheer fun and I meant it as a one-time off but somehow, it caught her attention. My impressionable tod probably thought it was a game and was smiling away and giving me sideway glances as she drank her milk. I could tell that she was making effort to balance her leg in that position, and she kept readjusting herself back despite her leg giving way a few times.

These days, The Husband and I find her crossing leg whenever she lies down and for a couple of times, she even tried doing so when sitting upright. I know I'll probably regret it when she is still crossing her leg like an ah beng eighteen years down the road, but right now, those chubby legs look so cute! :P

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