Monday, August 15, 2011

Another online pre-loved bargain

 This was one of Popo's birthday gifts to Anya. These days, she is quite good at it, being able to cut most of the items without our help. Seeing how popular this set of toys has been with her, I thought that it will be a wonderful addition have a toy kitchen set for her.

I have seen how good other creative blogger mummies are with their nimble fingers. With some imagination and pooling of household resources, they could build a make-believe sink &/or oven for their little ones. Well, I think I am not so good at that.

On the other hand, it seems like an extravagance to spend more than a hundred bucks on a toy set just because I think she may like them. Therefore, off to Singapore Motherhood forum's marketplace I went. In the past two weeks, I went into their marketplace's 'To Sell' section whenever I open up my laptop and search for keywords including 'cook', 'kitchen', 'sink' and 'oven'. For days, nothing relevant came up. But with a stroke of luck and some patience, my efforts finally paid off on National Day.

A mommy wanted to sell a good condition toy kitchen. She disclaimed that it was not for fussies but then again, I am not fussy. Neither are toddlers. After some negotiation, we settled for a consideration one-third off its original price-tag.

A few afternoons ago, while Anya was away at her grandparents', I set it up (it was dismantled when we collected it for ease of transportation) after The Helper rinsed it in Dettox. I deliberately hid it in our bedroom as Anya was due for her milk feed and second nap when she arrived home.

Well, it did not go as planned. After I went over to The In-laws and back, pregnancy amnesia struck once again. Without thinking, I instructed Anya to wait outside our master bedroom's bathroom for have her hands washed while I put away her Eeyore first.

The kitchen set easily caught her eyes. Before I could stop her, she had gleefully ran to set and started tinkering with it. So there! For the next 45 minutes or so, The Helper and I could not persuade her to wash her hands, drink her milk nor take her nap. Her attention was totally rapt! Less off the slight exasperation that she was ignoring us, we were actually quite amused that she seemed to know exactly what to do around a kitchen! Looks like someone has been observing us while we are pottering around the stove and sink!

We have moved the toy set to her bedroom since. These days, cooking has somewhat been incorporated into her before-bedtime routine. So yeah, going by how much she likes the cooking set, I'd say this online purchase is more than a bargain! Its a steal! :)

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