Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am a whale

Last night was date night for The Husband and I.

I was decked in a pair of skinny jeggings that I bought on my last Bangkok trip (one size bigger than usual especially for preggy me!) and a grey nursing cum maternity camis from Old Navy. As I was about to leave the house, The Helper came up to me and said, "Mdm, skinny legs!".

Half-flattered and half-concerned if that implies that Mini Bun is not growing enough, I asked, "Tummy?".

"Eh?", my helper hesitated for a while. Then she replied, "Your tummy? Very biggg!". And to further emphasize her point, her eyes widened into two large saucers.

The conversation really should have ended there. It would have left me contented to know that my tummy is big enough to support the pregnancy and yet at the same time, to have my legs still relatively skinny.

Well, it didn't. The Helper added on, "Mdm, you been eating alot!".

Coming from someone who has been pregnant twice, it made me wonder if I have been overeating for this pregnancy. Feeling like a whale now.

At 26 weeks, I have gained 7kgs - same amt of weight gained during my entire first pregnancy

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