Monday, July 2, 2012

Short update

Hi all,

We have been a busy bunch of people. With Arielle's feeding problem resolved, we have been going on a milestone-achieving roll. From training Arielle to play on her own to weaning both girls off their pacifiers, from going back to attending church service and starting Anya in Sunday school to planning on a short family trip, the girls have been constantly embarking on new frontiers every week.

Things however have come to a halt since a week ago. All because the girls and myself had caught a bad bad flu. So bad that we are still recuperating now. With all the drippy noses, perspirations (self-imposed air-con ban) and throw-ups, the washer has been overworked while we had to run out to restock our tissue and wet wipes supply yesterday.

Arielle was especially affected (the first bout of flu for her) that, for two nights, she could not sleep unless Mommy (or Daddy - only when she was really really tired) was carrying her. So imagine how Sleep-deprived we have been! And then there was the loss of appetite which I do not even wanna go into details.

Anyway, all's good. Right now, the usual calm and peace is gradually presiding over our little household again as we nurse ourselves back to good health. Here's a few shots of the girls (in pajamas, the most comforting attire when one is sick) in the past few days.

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