Monday, July 9, 2012

On love and being loved

Yesterday, we finally feel well enough to go grocery shopping. In any case, the Husband is away for a work retreat for the next 3 days from today onwards. So it was high on our list to get grocery-shopping done.

Arielle was having diarrhoea and vomiting, therefore we left her at home with the Helper. So, it was just us and our firstborn.

Here is a snippet of conversation while pushing the trolley to the car.

Me: "Anya, do you have something you want to say to Daddy today?"

Anya who was in my arms, leaned forward to the Husband, who was in front of us, pushing the trolley, rested her head on the Husband's shoulder and said: "Daddy, I love you."

The Husband: "Aww.. Anya, Daddy loves you too." (then planted a kiss on her forehead)

Me: "Then Anya, do you have something to tell Mommy?"

Anya, with gusto: "And EVERYBODY LOVES ANNn-yYYa!" (Thrust both arms up in the air.)


Yep. That's our cheeky girl.

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Susan said...

Make that a cheeky and confident girl :) One who knows that she is loved.