Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Walking the walker

For two months now, we put Arielle in the walker for a short while almost everyday. Yet, she hardly made any attempt to go mobile. Instead, she would prop her feet on the sides of the walker. When she got tired of being alone, she would whine and cry until someone picks her up.

Kinda peculiar to me because Anya was already zipping in and out of different rooms in the flat when she was at Arielle's age. No cause for worries though. We reckon when she's ready, she's ready.

And before she is; we have the big sister to walk her in her walker.

Oh, and now... Just when we thought the worst of the bout of sickness in the house was over, Anya suddenly threw up repeatedly last night. We could not pinpoint any cause to it and consulting a young locum (in a 24-hour clinic in the wee hours) did not help either in clearing our doubts. When requested for him to prescribe something that could immediately stop the vomiting, the locum suggested a suppository form of domperitone. The Husband asked if the locum could give it to Anya there and then, the Husband said his response was: "Oh, you can give it to her yourself when you are home". Our consolation is that the suppository seems to be working. She has ceased vomiting since she woke up this morning.

As for Arielle and I, Arielle is still having the sniffles while I have developed a chesty cough. The Helper has also caught the bug while the Husband threw up at 4am this morning too although it appeared to be a one-off. Prayerfully, things will only improve from here.

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