Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bangkok trip 2012 afterthought

1. Ascott is wonderful. We booked a two-bedroom apartment and requested for a cot for baby girl while the Tod bunked in with us. We love everything about the apartment! For me, I'm especially in love with the open-concept spacious kitchen with a counter-top that oversees the dining and living areas. The Husband and I are in serious negotiation as to incorporate such a kitchen for our future next home.

Other than the pool (which comprises of only a deep 1.7m pool and a jacuzzi pool making it children-unfriendly); we only have praises, praises and more praises. Oh, plus if you do not mind its location which is right smack in the middle of the CBD rather than shopping belt.

The service was impeccable. Requests for reservations at restaurants were made promptly. When we informed the housekeeping that the hot water faucet in our bathtub was not working, they immediately sent technicians up who spent more than half a day working extensively (i said 'extensively' because the repair works involved them taking out tiles from the side of the tub and removing false ceilings and sticking their heads into the ceiling.) on the problem. The problem was finally resolved, making a certain Tod very happy.

2. Despite spending weeks to organize and then days to pack up; the trip was rather ill-planned. Given that we have two small children who still require loads of nap times (think strollers, huge-ass diaper bags and all the sleep props we have to lug around!), it wasn't such a brilliant idea to go to a shop-and-eat-till-you-drop kinda destination on hindsight. A beach-y kinda location where one spend hours lounging in bed, by the pool and in various other parts of the resort would have been much less stressful for us.

3. With pt. 2 in mind, in order to continue my BKK annual pilgrimage tradition, we might just have to train the grandparents to rough the nights with our children so that the Husband and I can do a couple trip to BKK. That, or I ditch the children and the Husband and do a girlfriend trip instead. My girlfriends, any takers?

4. Always count the number of pieces of luggages / bags / children that we collectively have before we set off from home. And then do a roll call every time we move from destination to destination. Less off my mom who met us straight at the airport, we left home with 2 children and seven pieces of luggages between 3 adults.

Therefore, it is forgivable that the Husband unwittingly left his sling bag (with all our printed e-tickets and passports) on the couch. Thank God for the BIL who saved the day by waking up from his sleep (he was on night shift the day before), charged into our place (we stay in the same block), grab the precious bag and our car key, then sped like a maniac all the way from the "bukit" areas to changi airport in 25 minutes.

6. So proud of the toddler who conquered the waters on this trip. By the second day, she could go into the waters without any float but solely relying on the Husband to prop her afloat. Her afterthought for this trip? She wants to learn swimming.

7. Equally proud of baby girl who took to the cold cold pool very well. My conclusion? The girls' potential swimming prowess must be inherited from their daddy. You see, I'm hydro-phobic.

8. Considering that I barely combed two storeys of Platinum mall, I'm chuffed that I managed to fill up half a medium-sized luggage with new loots for the girls, myself and our kins.

My best buy for the trip? A pretty poofy dress for the Tod as she will be making her debut as a flower girl for my girlfriend's wedding end of the year.

9. My best decision for the trip? I decided to ditch my bulky Olympus camera and rely on our smartphones instead. We hardly took pictures anyway. And when we do, strangely enough, half of them are of the girls wrestling in various positions in the apartment.

10. Our (referring to the Husband and i) biggest regret for the trip? We didn't get to eat my steamed sea bass in spicy lime broth. We might have to go get our fix in Por Kee or elsewhere in SG.

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