Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Arielle's first haircut

Arielle's hair grew real quickly. At six months, the sides were already covering her ear while the back part was covering her neck. This, despite having receiving an amateur haircut from me a couple of months back. 

Given a few factors that included the recent sweltering heat and the fact that I have never seen any other six-month-old with hair this long (which made her seem too un-babyish for my comfort), we decided to chop off her lion mane in exchange for a boy cut instead. 

Quite a transformation, we thought. 




What do you think? :)

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June said...

Wow, she looks quite cool and spunky with the new hairdo. And she's so cooperative!

So far, I've been cutting Vera's hair myself as she doesn't want to do it at a proper salon...which has been quite fun for me, hehe. :)