Thursday, August 2, 2012

While we were doing the packing...

Every time our suitcases come out of the storeroom, the Furkid goes into a certain degree of depression. It was evident when we were packing for our Bangkok trip, much to the Helper's amusement who got to witness it for the first time.

Her (furkid, not helper) soulful eyes were downcast as she mopped around the house. When she was not locked in the kitchen, she would find a comfortable spot near or in the suitcase and lay down there for hours.

And then, there is baby girl who needed to be near us all the time. Whenever I was packing, I would sit her beside the suitcase near me. I really do not mind her company, except that she kept taking out the stuff I put into the suitcase and unfold them. I'm pretty certain I folded one of Anya's tee at least eight times.

Lastly, we also have the Tod who was so excited about the trip that she prattled about it non-stop. "Anya's going to take airplane... Anya going Bangkok to the swimming pool. With Daddy, Mommy, Arielle, Aunty and Por-Por..". In all honesty, it was really cute, but only when she said it for the first say.. fifty times? I knew I was bugged when I started to hear her talking even in my sleep. And I swear it was not her talking in her sleep beside me. Plus, we had to tell her "no" for umpteen times after she spotted her swimming floats and kept asking us to inflate them.

Sigh.. Yep, our kids (dog included) can drive us mad sometimes.

But then again, even when they are not at their best, we are already madly in love with them.