Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: Amidst celebrations

This week was pretty much about Lunar New Year. Gearing the children up, the preparations, the reunion dinners, the visiting and feasting. Well, I think I got a little bit too carried away basking in the festive mood that I clear forgotten that yesterday is Tuesday. This explains the lateness if this post.

Here's what I am thankful for in the past week:

# The children's recovery just in time for Lunar New Year. I was quite relieve as I dread having to lug two little grouchy & lethargic girls around for visiting. Plus, I hate to think that they are going around potentially spreading the bug to everyone else.
Fully recovered!
# Less fuss from Arielle during feeding times. While each feed may still stretch till up to an hour at times due to sleepiness, at least there are much lesser struggles & cryings in the last two days. As such, she is also drinking more, easing my worries that she is drinking way much lesser than what she should be. Prayerfully, this marks the end of the colic days.

# The Husband for playing house-husband for a day during the weekend while I headed downtown for a long brunch with girlfriends and a spot of shopping.

# Today's technology (Facetime and whatsapp) that allow us to send our greetings and love to friends who are working overseas at no cost.

# Cooperation from the little one during reunion dinners where she slept most part of the time allowing us to have our meals in peace.

# Cooperation from the slightly bigger than the little one as she sat on her high chair throughout both dinners (with two respective sets of grandparents and siblings), munching on whatever of her favourites that we could find from the dishes, and even striking a few funny 'conversations' with her uncles and aunts, sending everyone at the table into laughter.
# Lovingly prepared meals by loved ones and relatives where some dishes were specially prepared with our little ones in mind.

# Journey mercies from a trouble-free car during LNY visiting. Last year, on the morning of the first day of LNY, we got to the car in festive spirits all geared to kickstart visiting only to be greeted by a burst tyre. As a result, we have learned not to take a functional car for granted.

While visiting this year had its share of challenges as we had to take into consideration the girls' milk feeds and naptimes, as well as my milk expressing sessions (we had to bring loads of stuff!), it was still memorable. Many relatives got to see Arielle for the first time and it brings us joy and pride seeing how delighted our uncles, aunts and cousins to meet the new addition. This alone, is worth all the trouble we went through in order to visit them. Hope you had a wonderful time during the past two days too. :)

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