Saturday, January 14, 2012

Six weeks old

 My little Arielle, 

My oh my! More than six weeks has passed since you were first laid in my arms! This week has been a super busy and tiring. What with Mommy's food poisoning episode, Daddy away for a 2-day retreat, Chinese New Year preparation and Auntie Mel falling sick. I really want to pen down your progress so despite eyelids drooping and all, here I am, doing a short note. 

Right from Day 1, you were a sleepy baby. As such, Mommy find that you could go through the sleep-eat-wake cycle very well. After every feed, if you are not due for baths nor is it nighttime, we usually change your diaper and lay you at your little recliner or playmat for 10-20 minutes. Without fail, once that 10 - 20 minutes was up (the length of time here depends on how long you took to finish your feed earlier on), you would start your I-wanna-go-to-bed cry. And once we put you in your playpen, you drift into slumber with ease. This is a stark contrast to your Jiejie who slept very little when she was your age. In fact, at one month old, she was already taking only two naps a day. A routine that she stuck to all the way till a few months ago when it was reduced to one nap per day. 

However, things start to change this week. 

Looking like a dude in your stylo hairstyle and hand-me-down onesie from T gorgor.
Generally, we noticed that you are more alert now. While you do look around at your surroundings when you are awake, now you respond quicker to movements. You are also able to track moving objects (so long as they are not too fast). 

When Mommy places you on the playmat, you take a keen interest in those sea animal dangling above you and will even thrush your little arms at them causing them to sway to and fro. 

When we talk to you at close range, your gaze falls onto our faces, your attention rapt. A few times, you even reciprocate by 'replying' in coos and 'ah's (this was another difference between you and Anya. Your Jiejie cooed right from day 1 so actually for weeks I was wondering how come you were so quiet). 

In addition, we find that we can stretch your wake-times longer as your I-wanna-go-to-bed cries has been coming later and later.

Wow, my little one, you are making so many progresses in one week! It looks like you are on a developmental growth spurt. 

It is really enjoyable, watching you hitting one milestone after another and figuring out how similar or different you are from your Jiejie. Looking forward to enjoy more of you and your Jiejie! 

Cuddles and Kisses,
Mommy & Daddy

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